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Plugin Developer:
Pee-Aye Creative

Discover a new level of web design excellence with Pee-Aye Creative – my top recommendation for enhancing your Divi experience!

As someone deeply passionate about effective web design, I highly recommend exploring Pee-Aye Creative’s expertise in developing and maintaining Divi plugins and extensions. They specialize in simplifying the web design process, providing you with exceptional control over the Divi page builder and overall website functionality.

Ready to elevate your web design game? Visit Pee-Aye Creative’s website now and embark on a journey of enhanced creativity and functionality.

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Pee-Aye Creative’s Plugins

Divi Assistant

A huge collection of incredibly handy features and tools to make your life easier when working on a Divi site – startup actions, general utilities, UI hacks, customizations, global styles, tutorial resources, maintenance tools, code editors, accessibility improvements, alt-text fixes, media hacks, local fonts, system report sharing, import/export tools, and more!
They also have huge plans for Divi 5.0!

  • ZWe use it on Every Website

Core Features

  • Check for The Latest Version Of Divi
  • Warning of use of Outdated Divi ver.
  • Warning about Wrong Server Settings
  • Warning about Blocked Website Visibility
  • Product News From Pee-Aye Creative
  • Import/Export Divi Assistant Settings
  • Remove Default Plugins and Themes
  • Remove Default Pages and Posts
  • Create And Assign Home Page and Menu
  • Set Permalinks To Post Name
  • Creation of List of Saved Plugins
  • Install Plugins From Saved List

Core Features

  • Generate A Divi Child Theme
  • Export Active Child Theme
  • Coming Soon Mode Activation
  • Coming Soon Mode Bypass by Link
  • Maintenance Mode Activation
  • Divi Changelog
  • Install Any Version Of The Divi Theme
  • Disable Automatic Theme Updates
  • Disable Automatic Plugins Updates
  • Add Button To Clear Static CSS
  • Add Button To Clear Local Storage
  • And 37 more…

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I’m sure you will use Divi Assistant on every website you create, so I highly recommend purchasing a Pee-Aye Creative lifetime membership plan.
Not only will it save you money, but it will give you lifetime access to all of their products, including future ones!
And they have big plans…

Divi.Expert recommends only the best plugins for Divi!
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Divi Search Helper Plugin By Pee-Aye Creative

Divi Search Helper

Upgrade the existing Divi Search module with all the missing features provided by our addon with new design settings for the input field and button, advanced search criteria options for post types and taxonomies, an improved search results page with many features, and a beautiful customizable live AJAX search results dropdown.

Divi Table of Contents Maker Module Plugin by Pee-Aye Creative

Divi Table Of Contents Maker

Improve your blog post navigation, readability, and SEO with the first and only table of contents module for Divi!
Includes hundreds of customization settings and design styling options to help boost your blog SEO.
So this table of contents module was created for you!

Divi Taxonomy Helper Plugin by Pee-Aye Creative

Divi Taxonomy Helper

Add images to taxonomy terms (like categories and tags), enable featured image support in the Divi Theme Builder templates, display taxonomies in a fully customizable grid similar to the blog module, and show posts and products by current hierarchy level in the Blog and Woo products modules.
Very useful plugin!

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Divi Tabs Maker Plugin by Pee-Aye Creative

Divi Tabs Maker

Give your Divi tabs experience a serious upgrade by easily creating beautiful and functional advanced tabs with hundreds of custom functionality and design features to build your tabs however, you want and even add Divi Library layouts as the tab content.
Having this plugin you will open new horizons in web design.

Divi Dynamic Helper Plugin by Pee-Aye Creative

Divi Dynamic Helper

Enable the missing Divi dynamic content features for adding data from custom fields in the Video, Audio, Gallery, Map, Code, Number Counter, Circle Counter, and Bar Counter modules, add dynamic content to color pickers, and add Divi Library layouts to any textarea with dynamic content.
Utilize Divi 100%!

Divi Contact Form Helper by Pee-Aye Creative

Divi Contact Form Helper

Upgrade the Divi Contact Form with over 100 premium features like file uploads, date & time picker, digital signature, confirmation emails, Zapier integration, save entries to database, SMTP settings, custom subject line, reply-to address, conditional email routing, custom merge tags, export to CSV, auto entry backups, and so much more!

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Divi Carousel Maker-Product by Pee-Aye Creative

Divi Carousel Maker

Create beautiful, fully customizable carousels from any Divi module, row or section by turning on the switch in Divi Builder and customizing hundreds of carousel display features and slide design settings!
Add a unique touch to your creation and surprise your customer with an extraordinary new carousel design!

Divi Responsive Helper by Pee-Ayу Creative

Divi Responsive Helper

Make your website look great and function well on all devices with the huge array of over 50 amazing features and unique customizations presented in this superb Divi responsive toolkit! Managing responsiveness has never been so easy! A really useful plugin, functionality that is sorely lacking in Divi! Easy to learn, easy to manage!

Divi Timer Pro Countdown Module by Pee-Aye Creative

Divi Timer Pro

Increase sales and drive signups and conversions with scarcity and FOMO on your Divi website with this unique marketing countdown timer module with features like fixed-date, auto-restart, and evergreen timer types, redirect options, ability to show or hide content when the timer ends, and full design settings.

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Divi Events Calendar

Easily integrate The Events Calendar plugin into Divi using our custom event modules to display beautiful highly customizable grids, calendars, lists, and single event pages with incredible options and features for selecting, displaying, and styling events in the Visual Builder.

  • qAttention:

This is not a plugin for creating or managing events! The Divi Events Calendar plugin is required if you want to use and integrate The Events Calendar plugin with Divi, which will allow you to add beautiful events to your site using Divi modules!

Core Features

  • Events Feed
  • Events Filter
  • Events Calendar
  • Events Carousel
  • Events Page
  • Events Ticket (Beta)
Divi.Expert recommends only the best plugins for Divi!
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